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I was a member of the other Prime wire when it got shut down i had been with them for close to 9 years.I am a huge fan of Horror,Comedy,Drama ohh and cant forget Action i like it in movies and TV.I will watch just about anything i like giving something a shot i give it at least one episode for TV and 30mins for a movie. I hope folk do not do what they did to the last Prime wire, it kind of reminds me of young children messing up their toys till they have broke them to pieces. I have my fingers crossed that this will not happen this time.


I am a huge huge oh my gosh huge fan girl of World of Warcraft it is the only MMORPG (game) i have ever played before that it was like Atari and play station first generation.If i am not playing wow watching movies/t.v shows i am helping my huby work on our old 90 something jeep we are having so much fun giving the old girl a military style face lift.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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