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Aswang (2019)
SnakePliscan 1 points 1 day ago.

Here is one we will never hear about through MSM, here we house em or let them live in tents over there its a bullet in the head.

Doom at Your Service (2021) S1 E2
SnakePliscan 3 points 2 days ago.

So as it turns out Doom has a vital purpose, question for Tak, is the guy who is all about Fate boyfriend material

Doom at Your Service (2021)
SnakePliscan 4 points 3 days ago.

I girl with a brain tumor makes friends (kinda sorta) with a guy who is doom, where could that possibly go ?

The Crime of the Century (2021) S1 E1
SnakePliscan 6 points 3 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Richard Sackler owner of Purdue, in the drug dealer world probably no one has more blood on his hands, US attorney generals alice fisher and paul mcnulty gave him a next to free pass when he was under grand jury indictment… he just ramps up bizzness. if your mind isn’t already blown by part one of this documentary just wait till part two which is about when Fentanyl makes the scene. Highly recommend this doc if you want to understand the origins of a continental heath crisis.

Family Affair (1966)
French Exit (2021)
SnakePliscan 3 points 5 days ago*.

It’s Frances Price, she’s just so weirdly fascinating !

Free State (2016)
SnakePliscan 0 points 6 days ago.

At the end of this i felt like i had been set-up and manipulated rather than entertained, i felt a gross betrayal with no explanation.
If this film is designed to do nothing more than elicit an emotional response than it succeeds but only in a void.
Perhaps someone else can explain it better what they are trying to do here.

Girl from Nowhere (2018) S1 E1
SnakePliscan 1 points 7 days ago.

Take the Equalizer and remake as a Thai school girl and you have Nanno, i was surprised at the lengths she will go to accomplish her goal. Deviously entertaining.

Girl from Nowhere (2018)
noba2020 0 points 7 days ago*.

Hi prime wire, I am a fan of this website and I don’t want to pass without sharing my gratitude for everyone working here. it seams like the website is being attacked these days because while i am browsing through I face ‘404’ and ‘internal server error’ messages, I hope some one will take a look at that. We don’t want to loose this website.

SnakePliscan 2 points 7 days ago.

You could post the question in the chat box and see what kind of reply u get , ive seen that server error just recently and assumed it was a site bandwidth thing as i recently moved to a fiber optic internet and at times i think my hookup is faster than the sites.
Im gonna comeback in a day or two an delete my reply to u as it has nothing to do with the movie above. u might want to edit your comment as it should be about the show not the site.

Future Boyfriend (2016)
SnakePliscan 2 points 7 days ago.

Cool concept!

T11 Incomplete (2020)
Alien 2 points 8 days ago.

lol. You and your chick flicks. Funny af. No offense intended. ;)

SnakePliscan 2 points 8 days ago.

Its true, love woman startin with my mom.

T11 Incomplete (2020)
SnakePliscan 2 points 8 days ago.

Pretty low gear even deeper than the low range on a 1987 Jeep Cj7.

The Toll (2021)
naya11 0 points 9 days ago.

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself.
I keep looking for a good horror movie and keep getting disappointed at the same time.
First, the movie is too dark, I couldn’t see anything, and what is the point then.
Second, these two are some of the most annoying characters I have seen recently.
It would appear they figured the thing out, but, not a second later they fall in the same exact traps.
Not surprisingly, I rooted for the bad guy the whole time.
Skip this one. 1/5 I

SnakePliscan 1 points 9 days ago.

And miss the opportunity to hang with a socially awkward driver, no way ! Maybe rooting for the bad guy is the whole point…

Spotless (2015)
SnakePliscan 0 points 9 days ago.

Well if an audience participant enjoyed the character “Mr Clean” in pulp fiction then they just may like Jean in Spotless.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (2008)
SnakePliscan 1 points 10 days ago.

Funny, an anime about the embarrassment of being into anime as an adult, like it’s a fetish lol.

Stuff (2017)
SnakePliscan 0 points 10 days ago.

This is good if you’ve ever cheated on someone as you can relate to the temptations and drivers as they surface, so waiting to see how the characters act and react and how far will they go, it was okay.

What Happened Was... (1994)
SnakePliscan 3 points 11 days ago.

Some pretty amazing theater here, brought to the silver screen, it’s one of those, lets peel the onion and with each layer we have a different scene where the actors share this emotional roller coaster ride, fascinating …

Uri and Ella (2016)
UberMach 0 points 12 days ago.

Utter garbage interesting Cover art but nothing else

SnakePliscan 2 points 11 days ago.

What didn’t u like, the acting or the script ?

Nixon (1996)
yellow_rose1 1 points 13 days ago.

Ok but is the movie good. Like I mentioned I don’t want to watch it if it’s long winded and that is the case with many Bios have you watch it? I also find the Nixon term to be very interesting as well.

SnakePliscan 2 points 13 days ago.

I haven’t seen it but if it’s anything like any of Oliver Stone’s other movies it will be good and fairly accurate as well, Docudrama (Platoon) is one of Stones niche’s and nobody does it better. Nixon was also called Tricky Dicky, he also took the US off the gold standard so they (the Gov) could print money, that move is playing out today in spades. If your interested in figuring out just how deeply corrupt US politics is Nixon is a good place to start.

Dream for an Insomniac (1996)
SnakePliscan 3 points 13 days ago.

So the theme of this romance is steadfast determination and unflinching belief in what one feels, so watching Frankie played by Ione Skye chase what she believes is her destiny was quite enjoyable.

Nixon (1996)
yellow_rose1 1 points 13 days ago.

Can anyone give advice on this movie? Sometimes these bios can be boring so I just want to know if I should give it a go. Thanks

SnakePliscan 1 points 13 days ago.

Nixon was a weird guy, he didn’t start out corrupt but some would consider him a war criminal for unauthorized bombing of Vietnam, his fall is an interesting case study in stark contrast to Bill Clinton who also fell but was a gangster before he got to office.

YouthMin (2021)
SnakePliscan 1 points 13 days ago.

As an atheist i indorse this.

Hounddog (2007)
SnakePliscan 2 points 13 days ago.

Dakota Fanning was really good in this.

Euphoria (2018)
SnakePliscan 2 points 15 days ago.

I just don’t see how this film is remotely relevant to anything, it literally has no meaning purpose or message , like am i missing something here ? definitely not as advertised, maybe someone else can figure this one out.

Data Mining the Deceased: Ancestry and the Business of Family (2017)
doctor who 4 points 17 days ago.

if you read the fine print you give ownership of your DNA to the companies that test you.

SnakePliscan 3 points 16 days ago.

Its also interesting how you don’t have to go very far back before we are all related to each other, so they probably could quite easily with what info they have now link every man and woman on earth to each other.

Data Mining the Deceased: Ancestry and the Business of Family (2017)
ShadowWolf 2 points 17 days ago.

Exactly! I always look behind a seemingly innocent company’s gesture, just wanting to help people, especially if asking for more than my money. Think of how many send-away tests are out there for hormone, drug, gene mutation, paternity and even skin type tests…the list goes on and on. That’s a treasure trove of DNA people so trustingly hand over, makes you wonder what happens after, if they keep some or say they destroy it. Bottom line is, you’ll never know what they do with your DNA…creepy on so many different levels!

SnakePliscan 3 points 16 days ago.

Yes this documentary touches on how DNA could be the next data mine and the implications of that.

Bread, Love and Dreams (1953)
SnakePliscan 1 points 17 days ago.

Che bel film romantico italiano con una donna così bella.

The Horror at Gallery Kay (2018)
SnakePliscan -1 points 17 days ago.

Weird, and complex, told through the viewers imagination, separate the metaphors from the questions and explanations and what are you left with, other than confusion ? the answer if you can figure it out !

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008)
SnakePliscan 0 points 8 months ago.

So was there any chemistry between Nick and Nora, well if you’re carrying baggage from your last relationship its gonna cause problems getting in ta the next one and this is where your drunk party friends can be real helpful, not! LOL, pretty funny movie great meuzak.

SnakePliscan 0 points 18 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

There is a sex scene in this movie that is heavily edited but if you’re a guitar player you can figure it out, so look out for it and tell me what ya think !

Seizure: The Story of Kathy Morris (1980)
SnakePliscan 1 points 18 days ago.

If i ever get a brain tumor and i need inspiration in recovery, i will rewatch this, if i can remember to ! really good performance and Spock wasnt have bad ether.

SnakePliscan 1 points 18 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Also the amazing Kathy Morris herself melds in and performs at the end, nice one.

Seizure: The Story of Kathy Morris (1980)
SnakePliscan 1 points 18 days ago.

If i ever get a brain tumor and i need inspiration in recovery, i will rewatch this, if i can remember to ! really good performance and Spock wasnt have bad ether.

Data Mining the Deceased: Ancestry and the Business of Family (2017)
SnakePliscan 3 points 18 days ago.

DNA research of oneself can open fascinating doors into one’s history or as was my case, proved among other things that mom lied about who my dad was.

The Jerk Theory (2010)
dinklefaust 1 points 19 days ago.

I personally enjoyed the movie when I watched it a few years ago.

SnakePliscan 3 points 18 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

I may have liked it more if my head was clamped in a vise and someone was threatening to turn the screw but i just couldn’t roll with the whole main character talking to the audience and proclaiming his virtue and exposing info that was just dumb …

Dig (2015) S1 E7
SnakePliscan 0 points 19 days ago.

Wasn’t expecting that twist at the end of ep 6 now this is gettin goood.

Dig (2015) S1 E4
SnakePliscan 0 points 19 days ago.

The detectives handgun sounds like someone smacking the side of a tin garbage can with a hockey stick, why do they have to make gun shots more palatable ?

Dig (2015)
SnakePliscan 0 points 20 days ago.

Yup, Drama Thriller Mystery and last but not least Religion, the final ingredient that makes people … irrational, and makes for an interesting story.

The Jerk Theory (2010)
SnakePliscan 1 points 21 days ago.

StreamZZ was Stream zero, just to many gigs for too narrow a bandwidth, movie from what i saw of it was cringe city.

Normal People (2020) S1 E8
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The Lobster (2015)
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Nazo no Kanojo X (2012) S1 E2
Alien 3 points 23 days ago.

lol whaaaat? gross!

SnakePliscan 2 points 23 days ago.

They share emotions by swapping spit, especially when they are getting deep, it’s hard core man !

Nazo no Kanojo X (2012) S1 E2
Alien 2 points 23 days ago.

lol. Quit drooling over anime!

SnakePliscan 2 points 23 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

The whole series is literally about swapping drool, it’s hilarious :)

Nazo no Kanojo X (2012) S1 E2
SnakePliscan 2 points 23 days ago.

Special Drool.

Nazo no Kanojo X (2012)
SnakePliscan 2 points 23 days ago.


Whatever Works (2009)
SnakePliscan 2 points 26 days ago.


Alienated (2015)
SnakePliscan 3 points 27 days ago.


Areola 51 (2008)
SnakePliscan 2 points 27 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

These aliens where more carressing than probing, the probing aliens may have been more interesting but this was fun just the same….

Paterson (2016)
SnakePliscan 2 points 1 month ago.


Almost Adults (2017)
SnakePliscan -1 points 1 month ago*.

It’s been a few years since i watched this movie but what i remember is that it may well be one of the worst movies i have ever seen, i say watch this, seriously check it out tell me if u could even watch the whole thing, compare this to “The Room” which is supposed to be the worst movie of all time and tell me this isn’t worse than that ! the writing here is just atrocious u have to hear it to believe it… enjoy :)

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