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Resident Alien (2021) S1 E9
BROMBERG 20 points 1 month ago.

AND to those of you that don’t know…Resident Alien has been green-lit for Season 2 !

Raised by Wolves (2020)
grasshopper rex 16 points 8 months ago.

Spectacular storytelling. I’m all in.

QAnon: The Search for Q (2021)
Jeshush 29 points 3 months ago.

This is what happens when you decimate an education system. After we solve viruses and climate change, we will still be left with stupid.

Raised by Wolves (2020)
asclepias 15 points 8 months ago.

Loving this 100%

Lovecraft Country (2020)
Euringer 16 points 8 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Thanks for being so open about your racism.

karloff 15 points 8 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

funny how as soon as white people are portrayed as the villains its racist but black folks have been the criminals for a hundred years in film.

QAnon: The Search for Q (2021)
Jeshush 29 points 3 months ago.

This is what happens when you decimate an education system. After we solve viruses and climate change, we will still be left with stupid.

(⌐■_■) 14 points 3 months ago*.

Absolutely, our educational system needs to get in gear. Just think in a decade what our workforce ‘could be’ if we leaned heavily into education, job training, forest and infrastructure development/mgmt, etc. Make options available for people to respond and help themselves and each other out of this mess.

Resident Alien (2021)
DemandingFemale 20 points 3 months ago.

It’s got Alan Tudyk in it. What more do you need?

The Comey Rule (2020)
[removed by a moderator]
ibgabe 33 points 7 months ago.

The comment section is intended as a place to review and discuss the creative work, not for hyperbolic, asinine political rambling.

The Rescuers (1977)
Saucer-People 13 points 19 days ago.

I don’t say it often enough but thank you to those who keep Primewire going. It’s a treasure trove of films that fire up and route the memory circuits to long forgotten pleasures, and in this particular case, my childhood love of The Rescuers! 78 minutes of truly great animation, narrative and songs that went by in a flash, from a time when a Disney film was worthy of its name.

The Stand (2020)
RoboPhone 13 points 7 months ago*.

Long anticipated update to the 1994 Stephen King Classic, The Stand miniseries.
This is the event of the year for anyone who went to school with a copy of Stephen King’s 800-page novel weighing down their backpack. There’s plenty of thinkpieces on the themes of weaponized viruses and opposing forces of good and evil.

Resident Alien (2021) S1 E9
1brad 13 points 1 month ago.

This is a great show, kinda goofy, kinda serious, at the same time, simultaneously, even.

Lovecraft Country (2020)
booger 13 points 8 months ago.

Wow! So much is going on….. drama, action more drama and more action! And then Blam! Horrific Lovecraftian weirdness in your face!
What else to say about this 1st ep? Plenty. But not without spoilers I think.
Oh, and please do stick around till after the credits for a sneak peak.

Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter Movement (2016)
simplybloo 13 points 8 months ago.

AMEN @etim

koolosse 13 points 8 months ago.

I second that. AMEN @etim

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021) S1 E6
Kid Kryptonite 12 points 14 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

I mean, this is how you do a finale and show the progression of characters. I literally had tears in my eyes with the dialogue they gave Sam, a well deserved Captain America. Was a fun ride watching to this point and stay tuned for the after credit scene.

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
rdmovieman 6 points 1 month ago.

actually, If you sign up and login there are no more popups. Im sure that a lot of people are probably scared to sign up because they’re afraid of getting in trouble somehow legally, or they think that their id will be stolen or hacked somehow. I have been a member since the original primewire, and I have never had any problems…especially popups. once you sign up and log in, you wont have any more popups. also if anyone’s having trouble with popups just go to tools/add-ons and add a few popup blockers. I have 7 myself, and since then I haven’t had one popup. I recommend Adblock plus or Ad-blocker pro, those 2 I’ve had forever and they work great. good luck everyone….and enjoy the show :)

Alien 12 points 1 month ago.

If you install uBlock Origin you probably won’t need seven.

News of the World (2020)
76ford -5 points 3 months ago.

Never forget that Tom Hanks was on Jeffery Epstein’s private plane nicknamed “lolita express” flight logs

Saucer-People 12 points 3 months ago.

I think you are getting confused, he did fly on a plane but it crashed and the island he ended up on was populated not with underage girls but a volleyball called Wilson.

The Mega Brothel (2015)
Defleur 1 points 3 months ago.

Ever met a young girl who told you her dream when she grows up is to have sex with ugly men older than her father for money? Does that help you understand the “general attitude of disgust”?

booger 12 points 3 months ago.

Ever met Any young person who told you that their dream was to work some back breaking and/or dead-end job for low wages for people who do not appreciate it?
I was talking about prostitution as a legal profession and not about the untold multitudes that are enslaved and are forced to do this.

Yellowstone (2018) S3 E10
PacificLilly 12 points 8 months ago.

This was an absolutely fantastic series finale! And oh my goodness, what a cliffhanger! Now though, the long wait for Season 4! grimaces Oh the agony! How am I supposed to manage or cope?! Ahhhhh! Lol.

This series is not only in my top 3 favorite/best shows that’s currently airing but is also one of the BEST TV series I’ve seen in a very long time, last 15 years at least.

Without a doubt, this series has that “Je ne sais quoi” or “X factor. Not to mention, the acting, directing, dialogue, cinematography and soundtrack are completely amazing and absolutely top notch!

Lovecraft Country (2020) S1 E1
Themoo 12 points 8 months ago.

This first episode was simply amazing, and if it’s any indication of what’s come, I’m fully on board.

WandaVision (2021)
irishmark 1 points 3 months ago.

I can’t see people sticking it long enough to reach episode 5. I fast-forwarded ep2 hoping it would change

Sal 11 points 3 months ago*.

I don’t understand how you, and some others, don’t understand the situation of this show.
You don’t actually believe this is a real 60’s-70’s show version, do you?
At the end of ep.2 you will see a small development to what is going on.
At mid to end of ep.3 you will have a better idea.

WandaVision (2021)
Terrifying Timber 11 points 3 months ago.

Didn’t anyone else notice that the first episode was like The Dick Van Dyke show with the same set etc and had a little I Love Lucy thrown in? The second was Bewitched and Pleasantville when the colors starting showing.

Resident Alien (2021)
LaserGuy 11 points 2 months ago.

So glad this is a Adult scripted TV show.. Truly refreshing.. And Funny..

The Mandalorian (2019) S2 E1
expresso 11 points 6 months ago*.

Will always rewatch 100x anything with Timothy Olyphant 5/5

Project Power (2020)
UGuess 11 points 8 months ago.

Loved It!

Greyhound (2020)
JoMoCo -1 points 10 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

I always enjoy movies at sea, and especially movies including submarines. And this was a critical time in the war. Had things gone a little differently, we could all be goose stepping. Hanks is excellent as usual…though I admit that I am a little curious about the movies he has chosen to do. Many have been about the war, or the war has figured prominently in them. Others explored religious ideas, like “The Da Vinci Code. Hanks is a hard core Liberal, and this seems out of sorts for his choice of films, as Liberals oppose war with a pasion, and disdain Religion. Hanks embraces both, and yet remains a Hollywood favorite, though he is personally a highly religious man, with an interest in warfare. It seems an oddity. Kudos to Hanks for managing to thread the needle of acceptance. A good movie to add to a collection that examined the men that saved the free world. The greatest generation.

JadeEnigma 11 points 9 months ago*.

Well that is some of the silliest stuff I have ever heard. Stop listening to Rush, will rottings you brain! Good movie.

sprinkles fairy dust in your hair and gaily prances away

Idiocracy (2007)
Saucer-People 11 points 3 months ago.

Idiocracy should be moved to the documentary section.

Away (2020)
Alien 28 points 8 months ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Edit: Oh, I see I offended someone with this link.
Down vote me all you want. It doesn’t affect my standing, stupid.

yellow_rose1 19 points 8 months ago.

I upvoted you alien just for the sake of standing up for someone

Away (2020)
Alien 15 points 8 months ago.

Why, thank you, rose. That is very kind of you.
I am at a loss as to what compels some people to do bizarre things. lol.

magically_delicious 15 points 8 months ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

I do bizarre things…and proud to be that way 🤪.
THIS however, is blatant harassment and the admin panel would show who is doing it and their privileges in voting at all should be revoked. It’s unhelpful, unwarranted and allows/condones hateful behaviour. I’ve not wanted to say anything before (though I have noticed it being an active member) because it’s not my style, but this has gotten out of control! Best of luck to you, Alien.

Trump: An American Dream (2017)
kingarco66 16 points 10 months ago.

to be fair .. those other guys dont go bankrupt repeatedly, they do have some brains .. mr T is quite unique, completely uneducated brain-damaged idiot, cant even speak or think .. yet still billionaire

Liberace's Ghost 15 points 10 months ago.

ALLEGEDLY*. Allegedly a billionaire. Ftfy.

Away (2020)
Alien 15 points 8 months ago.

Why, thank you, rose. That is very kind of you.
I am at a loss as to what compels some people to do bizarre things. lol.

yellow_rose1 15 points 8 months ago.

you are more than welcome. I would prefer the voting to be changed to like and dislike as the voting gives trolls too much power and control and we all know they love that. You have yourself and lovely day Alien

Gayniggers from Outer Space (1992)
xerox 10 points 9 months ago.

The title is reference to Ed D.Wood film ‘gravediggers from outerspace’ and follows suit in his works of B movie , this film is very subjective in its quality I’m sure it has a meaning which isn’t to hard to fathom but deciding if its a good or bad film is harder, the humour with things like ‘holy asses’ and horrific and hilarious effects for me added to its charm. 3/5 but be warned this is very much a HARD B movie.

Takeout (2020)
Royaltyguy 10 points 2 months ago.

Very informative. If people would just all listen and come all together to do something about it and not look away. The greatest threat to our planet is everyone thinking someone else will save it

WandaVision (2021) S1 E8
tmjr2006 10 points 2 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

I screamed when Agatha said her Name at the end i for one Loved this episode

Bliss (2021)
Slimwhiteman -12 points 3 months ago.

Strange, but not too bad. Would have been better with a woman who speaks English. 7/10.

Steens 10 points 3 months ago.

She does speak English, she just has an accent.

Predestination (2014)
thomcat 10 points 6 months ago.

its from Robert Heinlein’s short story “ - all you zombies “ . an amazing writer , he wrote many of the classic sci fi memes. other movies from his books “starship troopers” and “puppet masters”

Boss Level (2020)
SLEEPEYE 10 points 5 months ago.

this was a good movie i am very surprised that its not in featured as its way better then most of them lately

The Vow (2020)
biker_71 1 points 7 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

of course it is, it’s about control, they knew what they were getting into.

somniloquist 10 points 7 months ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

Foundational ignorance of consent is the bedrock of rape culture. Which, I’d say, is one of the excellent points made by the documentarians.

Raised by Wolves (2020)
Killion 10 points 8 months ago.

This is badass!! Love it!!

The Third Day (2020)
grasshopper rex 10 points 7 months ago.

Great acting, Jude Law, with an eerily intriguing storyline. Has a M. Night Shyamalan vibe to it.

Trump: An American Dream (2017)
JadeEnigma 11 points 10 months ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

You’d think that as a card-carrying member of the “cancel culture elite” I’d be able to wave my magic fairy wand and rid the world of this scared little boy and his cultists, but alas my powers no workings on that. :-(

Tosses glitter sadly

kingarco66 10 points 10 months ago.

need more Force training

Yellowstone (2018)
heatherzz 10 points 10 months ago.

What’s not to like about this show. Cowboys family love horses scenery to die for. Love it all. Just found my next binge watch. :/

I Am Greta (2020)
JoMoCo 0 points 5 months ago.

“Anyone who thinks they are special is a fucking snowflake”…EXACTLY!!!!

humanityforward2814 10 points 5 months ago.

So why are you claiming that only liberals can be snowflakes?

Community (2009)
MyongSooksoo 10 points 2 years ago.

Community deserves six seasons a movie! The six seasons we got so now there´s only a movie that´s missing!

Yellowstone (2018)
AaronS 10 points 8 months ago.

Sons of Anarchy on horses…. absolutely hooked on this show

ibgabe 10 points 8 months ago.

This comment got me to finally give it a shot. Didn’t realize it was from the writer of Sicario and Hell or High Water (excellent film) … and now I’m four episodes deep at nearly 5AM and about to start episode five.

I’d even argue that SoA on horses is even selling it short. This is beautifully shot with complex story lines that I can already tell are going to be woven together beautifully. The first episode is a little clunky but it finds its footing quickly.

Alone (2020)
CatDarkwoodS 10 points 7 months ago.

I really liked this movie.

Survive the Night (2020)
systemsoundbar 10 points 11 months ago.

Bruce didn’t even realize he was in a film, it’s just another day for him

Uncle Buck (1989)
Paulzpc 10 points 4 months ago*.

Makes you wonder why this movie wasn’t a smash hit, but it has become a clasic RIP Mr Candy gone way too soon 10-10

Fringe (2008) S1 E4
collein 14 points 1 month ago.

I saw all the comments in DEBRIS refering to this show. They were wrong, this show is far far better. Binge time, thanks for guiding me.

Trump: An American Dream (2017)
doctor who 0 points 10 months ago.

it is hilarious to watch leftist college babies criticize our billionaire president… you mad bro? lol you aint gettin rich on no gender studies degree…

Snoop 14 points 10 months ago.

What’s hilarious is that your nickname is Doctor Who, one of the most liberal shows in tv history.

1917 (2019)
[removed by a moderator]
gunnerdan 17 points 1 year ago.

1st off let me just say I’m big enough not to raise to the bait of you trying to start a fight on here. This is based on a true story These men have bigger BALLS than you’ll ever have and going by your name toothepickwilly bigger than other parts too

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